Instagram/twitter: NaniTaysha

Name: Naomi Taysha Estrada

Nickname: Nani (that explains my URL NaniTaysha)

Age: 17

Birthplace: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Race: Puerto Rican & French

Home: Somewhere, New York

Relationship status: In a relationship as of 2/5/11

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Obsession: Notebooks, Makeup, Clothes, Food

Siblings: A 14 year old brother and a 16 year old sister

Bio: I am an extremely fun person, I am silly and I literally always talk about nonsense.  I’m not picky about what I tumble. I tumble whatever fits into my mood that day. I am very nice but if I have to stand up for myself I will. I am almost always laughing. I don’t like talking about my feelings and It is the hardest thing for me to apologize to someone. I hate being wrong. I self harm. I love video games, The Sims are my favorite. I Love animals. I have a shih tzu puppy with a bad attitude. My mom is my best friend. I work at TJ Maxx. I drank for the first time last Friday (10/11/13) and got tipsy on Bacardi:Dragon Fruit. I’ve only ever smoked hookah at a hookah bar in Miami Florida. I don’t have many friends. I love to dance. I get mad easily. I was the senior homecoming queen for 2013. I almost always look mad but that’s just my face. I love shopping. I love helping people. I hate feeling awkward. I love tumblr!

I have an amazing boyfriend, we have been together for 3 years already. he is my best friend, and he makes me so happy. he means the whole world to me, and i have no clue what i would do without him (Read our story and see our pictures in the link “My Babe”)

I’m hopefully attending SUNY Fredonia for psychology :)

I AM HERE TO TALK: I you feel like you have no one to talk to, come talk to me. I’m here to listen, and I’m here to help. I am a very nice person, I wont say anything to offend you. I don’t/won’t judge you. I’ve been through self harm and depression so If you need to talk I’m your gal :)